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E-110 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
E-110 E-110 – Alternative Dispute Resolution 2 units

Conflict is a way of life and unavoidable, and one of the most fundamental functions of the legal system is to manage conflict by resolving disputes peacefully. Learning effective dispute resolution principles and techniques can make an attorney far more effective and successful in assisting clients to resolve their conflicts and disputes, whether in the courtroom or other settings.  This course will focus on the various methods of alternative dispute resolution, i.e., resolution of disputes without trial, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration.  We will cover the principles and processes involved in each major form of alternative dispute resolution. We will also consider the basic legal issues that arise in connection with alternative dispute resolution, as well as ethical issues involved in negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

  Hours of Instruction: 3 hours each week for 10 weeks