Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll

Cal Northern School of Law thanks the following individuals and organizations for their gifts. Their generosity helps CNSL deliver an outstanding academic program and expand educational opportunities to students.

Al J. Carrion, Founder, in memory of Mary G. Carrion (Founder)
Donald E. Huckins (Founder)
Cal Northern Student Bar Association
Bruce Dwiggins (2007)
Martha Wilson (1996)
Sandy Denn (2005)


Maria Amaya (1997)
Matt Watkins (2003)
Cal Northern Alumni Association
Roy Ekland (2004)
Ben Scarfe (2006)
Butte County Bar Association

Alan Cox (2002)
Cheryl Miskei (1998)
Cuneo, Black, Ward & Missler
Rae Morrison (2006)
Sharon A. Stone-Stover, Professor (1989)
Jenna Swaney (2009)
Heather Siles (1996)
Steve Foster (1997)
Jason Palmer (2009)
Kenneth W. Turner (Faculty)
Amy R. King (2004)
Laureen H. Lane (2011)
Sophia Meyer (2011)
Lori Gingery (2003)
Susan Hearne (1999)
Jeffrey C. Boas (2000)
Sally Anderson (Professor, CSUC)

Gina Gestri (2004)
Iola Ireland (1994)
Camilla Robinson-Kappos (1996)