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Cal Northern School of Law is a small school dedicated to our students success! Our faculty is comprised of judges, commissioners, and practicing attorneys who bring real-life experience into the classroom. Located in Chico, CA, contact us today to learn more about scholarship information, academics, and more!


Law School in Chico, CA


The path to a law degree cannot be covered by tuition alone. Giving to Cal Northern School of Law provides vital and irreplaceable support to enhance our current academic and student programs, expand educational opportunities, and ensure that any student can attend the Law School, regardless of economic status.

Annual Giving

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide financial stability to the Law School ensuring that it can withstand economic adversity and minimize the impact of fiscal fluctuations on the law school community.


Your support for scholarships helps fulfill the dreams of students many of whom would not be able to afford a legal education without your help. Private support is needed to provide scholarships that reward academic excellence, promote diversity and help to keep the Law School accessible. Gifts to the Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible!

Make a Gift Today!

Cal Northern School of Law Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the IRS. Donations to the Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible!

OR Mail a check to:

Cal Northern School of Law
1395 Ridgewood Drive, Ste. 100
Chico, CA 95973

For more information, contact:
Marty Gosling, Registrar
(530) 891-6900

Donor Honor Roll

Cal Northern School of Law thanks the following individuals and organizations for their gifts. Their generosity helps CNSL deliver an outstanding academic program and expand educational opportunities to students.


Butte County Bar Association
Oroville Rotary Clubs
Anonymous donor (2005)


Sandy and Wally Denn (Sandy Denn-2005)
Dana Campbell (2017)


Al J. Carrion, Founder, in memory of Mary G. Carrion (Founder)
Donald E. Huckins (Founder)
Cal Northern Student Bar Association
Bruce Dwiggins (2007)
Martha Wilson (1996)
Jeff Boas (2000)
Sergio Garcia (2009)


Ben Scarfe (2006)

Nathan Rogers (2002)



Maria Amaya (1997)
Matt Watkins (2003)
Cal Northern Alumni Association
Roy Ekland (2004)
Thomas E. Baker (1991)

Desiree J. Vance (2015)


Alan Cox (2002)
Cheryl Miskei (1998)
Cuneo, Black, Ward & Missler
Rae Morrison (2006)
Sharon A. Stone-Stover, Professor (1989)
Jenna Swaney (2009)
Heather Siles (1996)
Steve Foster (1997)
Jason Palmer (2009)
Kenneth W. Turner (Faculty)
Amy R. King (2004)
Laureen H. Lane (2011)
Sophia Meyer (2011)
Lori Gingery (2003)
Susan Hearne (1999)
Sally Anderson (Professor, CSUC)
Spencer M. Gysin (2011)
John C. Carelli (2012)
Timothy M. Prentiss II (2007)
Christian A. Atherton (1995)
Sara Galano (2021)
Sonya Finn (2016)






Gina Gestri (2004)
Iola Ireland (1994)
Camilla Robinson-Kappos (1996)
Elise Debord (2023)

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